Once the light was turned on, we could not turn it off. Our lights are inspired by our nature: love for art, passion for colours and aesthetics  and living with emotion. Colours have a strong impact in our life. We are surrounded by colours and lights, our  aim is to capture their nature and shape it.
One day I was talking about neons with two friends, being neon fans, I was telling them that I had bought a light for my sweetheart. I was telling them how I was looking forward to receiving it, I had spent hours selecting it. The neon was meant to express my feeling for her. I wanted something that showed all my nature and feelings but at the same time it had to be strong solid.  I told them how my excitement was growing by opening the box and installing it. Once the  light was on, the enthusiasm was gone. Something was missing. Everything looked fine, the neon was the one I had picked, the quality was fine, it was bright and all, but still it was not capturing. That is when  one of my mates had the idea: we  would built our own lights. Keeping in mind that element missing and they had to be capturing, they need to penetrate your heart and reach your soul.
This is our mission !
The Neyon Team is a combination of English professionality and Italian spirit. All our products are created following our passion and love for art and style.


Why Choose Neyon Art ?

7 Reasons to choose Us 

・1 We are providing five stars Custom service for everyone all over the world.

・2 We can accept and create any type of neon sign customisation !

・3 Our production time is 1-4 working days, and the shipping usually takes around 14 days.

・4 Professional service and designer team. We are able to create a design mock up in less than 24h.

・5 We offer 24 months warranty for all our pieces.

・6 Our packaging in very resistant. Package composition: Anti dust film + quake proof foam + Fixed mounting strip + Firm wooden slab + Strong cartoon.

・7 Led neon sign is IP65 & anti-UV led neon flex with water proof power supply can be out-door mable easy install.


What’s the Difference Between LED and Neon Signage?

In terms of the mechanics, LED signs and light  sources  are derived  from  a  string  of  Light  Emitting  Diodes  (LED’s)  spaced  far  enough  apart such that  the  light  sources  overlap  each  other,  giving  a  constant  glow, compared to the ‘flicker’ of neon lights.
LED’s are generally wrapped  in  a protective polymer, more  lightweight  than  neon’s glass tubing  and  more  flexible. Not to mention much less fragile as well! Tradition neon signs  tend  to  be  a  little  wider  and  taller  than  their  LED  counterparts.  An  LED  sign  can  be  as  little  as  1  inch  thick, compared to the minimum of  3-5  inches  deep  of neon, where  the  glass  tubing  must  extend  away  from  its  backing.


Why are LED Neon better than traditional Neon?


- Lighter Electricity  Use

LED Neon signs  use  about  15x  less  electricity  than traditional  neon  signs. One foot of traditional Neon signage typically uses  about  20  watts  per  hour  of  electricity.  The same length and thickness of  LED  light as a  neon  tube,  would  use  only  1.2  watts  of  electricity  per  hour.


- Brightness

Neon signs can be difficult to  see  at a distance with detail, especially  at  night, when signage looks bleary.  LED Neon lights can be easily  dimmed to your personal requirements, for day or night-time display, making for greater energy consumption control. Our personalised neon lights  are  more  energy  efficient whilst also being brighter. Configurable brightness makes for flexibility of display.


- Low-Maintenance

Individual, sturdy bulbs make it easy  to  maintain  LED  signs, without having to handle components that are hot  to  touch. Cleaning  LED  signs, on or off,  simply requires  a  damp  cloth.  Neon  signs  need to be  off  and  allowed  to  cool  before  cleaning. This means that you’ll have one less thig to worry about, and can be exposed to people due to its safety and sturdiness even if it falls.


- Longevity

LED  signs, on average have a 100,000+ hour (11 year) lifespan is they are consistently brightly lit, before needing  replacement, compared to the  average  lifespan  of  a  neon  sign  of  30,000  hours, during which time, their strength fades considerably. Traditional neon  signs  use  fragile  glass  tubing,  whereas LED  bulbs  are  robust  to  the  touch. LED neon signs are also waterproof and  less  prone  to  weather  damage, potentially saving more where you are subject to extremes.


- Safety

Custom made LED neon signs  generate  little  heat  and  are  safe  to  touch, unlike neon  signs  that become  extremely  hot  when  on. Neon  risk  potential  shock  hazards and furthermore, LED bulbs  are  durable, so  if  the  sign  gets broken,  broken  glass  doesn’t  become  a hazard, unlike the delicate glass tubing of traditional neon signs.


- Energy Savings

LED's  can  save  you  up  to  70%  or  more  in  energy  costs;  traditional  neon signs  run  hotter  and  demand  more  energy.  Glass  neon  uses  15,000  volts, compared to LED  lighting  using  only  24  volts. LED  is  also  low  voltage  (12 v)  as  opposed  to  high  voltage  neon  (120v) i.e.  LED signs  use  1/20th  the  electricity  of  neon ones.